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Chris Hughes predicts end of SEO

Posted by Chris Hughes (co founder and internet entrepreneur)

Chris Hughes – It’s time to look seriously at the cost of SEO

Getting your business to No 1 on the SERPS is the dream. and SEO is chosen as the method to get there.
However SEO is basically uncertain and untimely, and the results cost a lot of money.

But, if....

1) You know your business and the services you are offering. 
2) and you know what town or area you are supplying your products or services to.....

3) Pay for an advertisement on a “Search the Web" and that guarantees 1st position on the live search results page for your company in the area you are trading in.
4) Pay for an entry in the "Dynamic Business Directory™" and if you have a credible business and you are willing to be rated by your customers, then you will be number one in the Directory results in your business category.

(The costs are magnitudes cheaper)

Bottom line is, it's a no brainer, advertise with Whatswhat and we guarantee you will be number 1 on the page (and we don't mean searching for your business name, and we don't mean fiddling with your website).
See us number 1 on most towns in the Spanish Costas, SE England, Miami Beach, Florida Keys and still growing.
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