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The WhatsWhat Dynamic Directory™

Posted by Chris Hughes (co founder Whatswhat.biz and internet entrepreneur)

Speak to people about online directories and you get an assortment of responses. Some people use them some people don't.

As far as the general responses from the people that use them are concerned, there are two critiscisms that keep cropping up.

Firstly the lack of entries that most directories actually do have. A pitiful 1 or 2 or "Nothing Found" is often the case. Then when you actually do find an entry, its not in that town at all - its a filler!

Secondly the directories that boast the largest and most popular, suffer from dead clutter. Basically you think you have found the business you are looking for only to find that the entry was posted 5 years ago and the phone number no longer exists or the company has gone out of business.

Then there is the problem of navigation. Most directories are filled with so much clutter that it takes up most of the page.

Other issues raised have been "how good" or "are they rated". We we all know Check a Trade, TrustPilot, Trip Advisor and Trust a Trader, but all of these sites suffer the same complication and clutter problem with most of them having no type of "Dynamic Ranking"

With the "WhatsWhat Dynamic Directory"™, once you have keyed in your country and selected your town, you can:-

a) Just display a random selection of businesses.

b) Display the reults by Alphabetical name.

c) Display the results by their Service

d) Only Display the service type you are looking for (i.e. Plumbers). The results of this is a high to low ranking of the most "Liked" businesses.

e) Allow you to "Like" or "Don't Like" the business which immediately re-Ranks the results on the page

f) After a time period, any businesses that have had no activity on their "Likes" or "Not Likes" are removed.

  Try it and see for yourself – The Directory is FREE – https://www.whatswhat.biz/online-directory/