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Introducing the WhatsWhat Dynamic Business Directory™

Posted by Chris Hughes (CEO and co founder of Whatswhat.biz and internet entrepreneur)

There are many Online Business Directories, but now a brand new Dynamic Directory has been released by WhatsWhat.

WhatsWhat is proud to announce the launch of it's new "Dynamic Business Directory" - It differs from other directories in some major and significant areas:

1) You and your customers are able to change the position of your business in the directory listing live by "Liking" or "Not Liking" the business. This means the business with the most likes is displayed first in its category. This gives potential customers the ability to see how "good" the business is at a glance. It a bit like TrustaTrader, CheckaTrade and myBusiness, but its live and instant and published for all to see. 

2) As Likes or Dislikes are applied, then a star rating is also automatically calculated, giving the business a whatswhat Star Rating.

3) Upgrades to this Star Rating are also available for businesses i.e You can purchase a "5 Star" rating that guarantees your first position in the directory for your type of business.

4) Another upgrade option is to include your "Business Logo" and "Click to Call".

5) You can claim ownership of your business entry and thereafter edit its content.

6) In line with our Quality Assurance policies, should a business rating remain stagnant for a specific period, it is automatically removed. This is particularly important as many of us will have got the annoying "No Results" message many times in the past.

7) You find a business by Country and then by Town or Area. Then live sorting by "Name" or "Category" makes this directory absolute simplicity.

These features together with simplicity of use, makes the WhatsWhat Dynamic Directory unique and a major advance in online directories, long awaited for years.

 Try it and see for yourself – The Directory is FREE. Visit – https://www.whatswhat.biz/online-directory/

or search Google for WhatsWhat