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Levelling the playing field for small businesses

Posted by Chris Hughes (co founder Whatswhat.biz and internet entrepreneur)

Searching for businesses is not what it used to be even 10 years ago, and many valuable business lessons have been learned since the early days of Facebook®

Running a business and maintaining an Internet presence with a website is becoming more and more complicated and expensive. When asked, most people are proud to say they are “already number one” or are reasonably savvy with respect to mobile phones, websites and searching on the Internet. In reality technology is moving so fast that at best most people’s knowledge is non-existent, pitifully inaccurate, wrong or 25 years out of date. 

Searching is becoming even more cluttered and confusing. The search results you are presented with includes dictionaries, what other people have been looking for, maps, other companies suggestions for you originating from complete strangers who’s likes and dislikes are thrust upon you camouflaged as recommendations or ratings. 

We have set about designing a system that saves you time and directs you straight to what you have asked for in the shortest time. We have called it “WhatsWhat and Where”, and you can find it at www.whatswhat.biz. Why .biz? well that’s because its been designed to give you “just the biz”. It filters through the clutter and gives you exactly what you are looking for. Its slogan “WhatsWhat and Where” does what it says. It’s so simple to use on PC, Tablet or Mobile phone, and there are also lots of other hidden goodies. 

Before going into its usage, it also has one major feature for businesses – It gives businesses or service providers the opportunity to be shown at position 1 on the results page. You want position one on the page - just buy it. That’s number one position guaranteed. No wasting money on SEO fraudsters that take your money and under-perform. The cost of the service is unbelievably small and is geared to the pocket of small and medium sized businesses. So don’t change your website, just change your search engine.

From a users point of view, just select your country, type in what you are looking for in one box, and type in the Town or Area you are interested in, in the second box. The results are amazingly simple – just five results on the screen with all the clutter and nonsense filtered out.

 Try it and see for yourself – Its FREE – www.whatswhat.biz