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Posted by Chris Hughes (co-founder and CEO of and internet entrepreneur)

Looking back on Whatswhat™

It seems strange how fast a year can pass.

In the back end of 2018, when I was looking at Search Engines like Google®, filling their first page of results with content like pictures, maps, dictionaries, paid for advertising, what other people were looking for and more... 

In the meantime there were more and more Online Business Directories, especially created from their wide client advertising base.  

But the question for me was always clear: If you were looking for a company, providing a service in a town, then Business Directories had their place, but if you needed more than this (and up to date) a Search Engine provided you with a better range of results.  

However after some market research, it was becoming more and more clear that other people were sharing my views about clutter on Search Engine results pages. That's when I set about creating WhatsWhat. The objective was clear. 

“A New Generation of Search Engine that was Internet Based and”: 

1) A Global App that worked on all Phones, Tablets and Laptops. 

2) An App that did not constantly tell you the App was out of date and you needed to update. 

3) An app that needed NO installation. 

4) An App results page that gave you: One “client paid for" result (with a logo, the business title, a generous description and a link to the website) and at position 1 on the page. Four more "live” results from a Live Web Search Engine. 

5) An App with "user settings" that allowed things like filtering out specific websites from the results. 

6) An Internet tool that can greatly reduce SEO costs. 

We set about building this and launched in early 2019. 

To date it has been subscribed to by users in 20 countries around the world. 

Following on from this, we have addressed and eliminated the drawbacks of Online Business Directories. (See our “Whatswhat Dynamic Business Directory” in the next posting)   

Try it and see for yourself – Its FREE. 

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