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Posted by: WhatsWhat Opportunities
Date: 2020/01/21

We are a fast growing Internet Business, and are looking for sales people/agents/reps to join us with a view to promoting and marketing the business. As is obvious, this is early days in a unique internet business and is certainly not for 9 - 5 type people. If you are forward thinking, innovative, have a flare for ideas and want to reap the rewards of "being in at the ground level" then this could be for you. In basic terms this is the opportunity of being in the front line of an new internet business. We need innovators and self starters who can catapult this business into households across North America, the UK, Europe and Asia, who will earn generous commissions on sales. Do not send your CV, instead please just put some words together to attract our attention and to best describe yourself (
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WhatsWhat:Radio Stations/Newspapers Wanted

Posted by: WhatsWhat Opportunities
Date: 2020/01/21

Founder Chris Hughes. Background: Software Engineer & Design Consultant - Data Technologies. Based in UK and Spain.
Formed in 2018. A modern, advanced business directory gaining high rankings for customers searches
Goal: Seeking mutual partners to promote both sides of business via Radio, Newspapers and Web.
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