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WhatsWhat Dynamic Business Directory tips:

Free Entries:
You can include as many entries as you like. So if you have a business that is a Garden Center and a Pet Food supplies, you should enter your business under each category.

Plus if you want to be found in your Town and your region, you can also place another entry in your region. For example if your business is in "Ruislip", why not place another entry under "Middlesex".

This is great as you will percolate to the top of the directory and appear more prominently in the results, depending on your customers likes or dislikes and you may well want to continue with your free entries and wait to see who likes or not likes your business. If you have the most likes in your business sector then you will always appear at the number one position.

5 Star Rating.
However you can short circuit this situation of waiting for customers likes or not likes, by buying a 5 star rating.

Don't wait for your customers, take control of your rating by immediately placing your business not only at the top of your category, but also immune to any not likes.

This is a fast and secure way of keeping your business at the top of your sector (ahead of your competition) in the directory results.

Be Advised:

In line with our quality assurance policies where our aim is to provide up to date information on active businesses, any business who's rating has not changed over a specific period will be removed from the directory. This will happen randomly and automatically. 

Should a business owner wish to reinstate his/her business in the directory then they can use the standard form to do this.  

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