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Understanding the Dynamic Directory

As its name implies the directory never stays still, every time a customer interacts with the Directory the Directory entries are reshuffled. To the layman its just another online directory, but that’s where its strength is – it’s online and it's changeable. To the small business it’s a tangible asset in the war against your competition, and a bonus for being found by your potential customers.

Its best explained by the “Needle in a haystack” principle. But before we go into that, lets just take a look at some Business Directories.

One in Spain springs to mind, it's called something like Anglo Directory. It’s popular and its big and its multi Country.

Try it yourself look for Builders in Alicante, Clubs in Denia, Estate Agents in Benidorm. All the same - dozens of results, but as a customer, which one to choose?
Other directories accumulate so much clutter that they organise it by pages at the bottom of the screen. Not very helpful and certainly no help with regards to which one is better than the others.

But lets look at this from the Businesses point of view. You may have an exhibition or open day and your visitors are impressed, how does that help you as a business in a conventional Business Directory? – It doesn’t you’re still on page three. Not so with our Dynamic Directory. If 20 of your visitors (for example) rate or like your business with the WhatsWhat Directory, then your entry moves up in ranking on the directory and is displayed higher on the results page. You then have 20 more likes than your competitors, which moves you higher in the page results. So you can see your business creep up the results, ultimately appearing at the top of the page.

But what about the “need in the haystack". Well you see, when you are on a new directory that only has a small number of businesses, this works well for you for a while, but as the Directory gets more popular then it works against you as a business, because the more businesses that are listed mean you are listed in with all other businesses of your type and are less likely to be chosen by potential customers. 

Lastly we have include some extra exciting features (other than likes or dislikes), like Claiming your Business where you can edit your business entry, and customer reviews where customers can review your business.

So WhatsWhat Dynamic Business Directory is long over due – its unique, it’s available and it’s World Wide!