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What Town (Area) to advertise in Whats What:

There are four choices for your Area or Town in WhatsWhat:


If your business is in a large Town like Sheffield and you supply to local customers in your Town (e.g. Indian Restaurant) then you will best be served with an entry for that town. After all people living in that town would be likely to search for Restaurants in that town. Only a relatively few people would travel a large distance for an Indian meal or takeaway.


If your business is larger and sells products or services to a wider area, then advertising in your County my suit you better.

e.g. A local newspaper may choose to advertise only on Buckinghamshire where its circulation was.


If you have a mail order business or have outlets in a number of towns (or your customers look for you in that country e.g. Canadian Clothing) then Country would be better.

e.g. Lawns in Spain would fit into this category.


For businesses that have a website selling their products to a world wide audience then "Online" would be the preferred choice.