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WhatsWhat Search Engine

What is WhatsWhat:

You don't have to be in Who's Who to use WhatsWhat.

WhatsWhat is an exciting new 'Region Based' Web Search, targeting businesses and service providers. It's also a "Dynamic Business Directory" and also a Public Blog. 

The search engine is designed to provide at least one positive result when searching any Town or Area. 

The Directory is Dynamic so the most popular Businesses and Services percolate to the top of the search results.

The Blog is Public, nNo registration needed.

Search Engine: If you are a WhatsWhat Business, WhatsWhat puts your business at number one on the WhatsWhat search results page, together with your company logo. In line with current Google changes we will display your favicon.ico file (if available), otherwise we will generate one for you.

If you are a user WhatsWhat gives you added value beyond normal search engines, by pre filtering out irrelevancies like maps, dictionaries, images, related searches etc, and simplifying the results of your search to the first 5 results.

WhatsWhat is your live search engine for local high street businesses. It is similar to an Online Business Directory but it is live and always up to date.

And unlike other search engines, you can pay to be on the first page of the results in any town, region or country. You can even choose the World Wide Online option. Remember, with WhatsWhat (if you are a Whatswhat client) your business in your area is always guaranteed to be number one.

It is currently only in English.